TR8 Steering Wheel Centre

TR8 Steering Wheel Centre – Custom Re-Manufacture – Parts are getting harder and harder to find so to help with that we are having some parts remanufactured. Below are the part currently available and how to buy them. This is primarily a UK based operation but we will send to other countries. All parts are sent insured at full value so this does raise the price quite a bit. You can request no insurance but it you do so it is entirely at your own risk. All parts are to the very best of our knowledge fit for purpose. They are fitted and tested out on our own TR8’s before being offered for sale but as we are doing this as a non-profit arrangement, no formal guarantee can be given. However if a manufacturing deflect is found we will do our best to secure you a replacement.

TR8 Steering Wheel Centre

Just received an incredibly beautiful sterling silver steering centre from Richard and it truly looks amazing! The pictures really don’t do it justice

In the mid 80’s S&S Preparations had some sterling Silver key rings made. Over time the clasps for the silver logo frequently broke and they became the TR8 wheel centre to have.

Original S&S Sterling Silver Wheel centre 1985

We have now had them remade 2023, but better, by the same Jewellers. These are 28mm approximately 14grams hallmarked solid sterling silver, so not cheap as precious metal value is quite high at the moment; so it is, as it is. The price is stable and correct only at the silver value today so expect some change in price as gold and silver values change on the markets. We will be having some made with V8 in early 2024 and later on TR7 please enquire if you are interested.

Sterling Silver Wheel centre 2023

They can be used as wheel centres or attached to readily available key ring blanks of which we have some we can provide, but it would be cheaper for you to buy direct locally.

Metal style keyring

Three choices:





Plus, postage packing and insurance which for:

UK is £10 inc insurance

USA is UKP 16.15 tracked and inc insurance

CAN is UKP 16.10 tracked and inc insurance

AUS is UKP 16.30 tracked and inc insurance


There will only be a limited run initially so first come first served.

If you are UK based you can send your payment via bank transfer – please request details: (We only have limited numbers available now, so if they have all gone when you order, you can wait for the next batch or we can refund)

If you are REST OF THE WORLD I would appreciate you please sending it via PayPal TO A FRIEND then I don’t get charged from them. If I do, I would have to pass the cost on unfortunately.

Please use this PayPal email to send it to Please ref you name and TR8C and then email us the address to send to please.