Bits and bobs TR8 parts

Many TR8 parts are now NOS but there are various replacements available that will do the job just as well if not better from Amazon and the like. Below are the alternatives I have found. If you have any suggestions please do let me know then others can benefit.

Rubber Caps

Around the engine bay are various now unblanked tubes ends of screws etc when the rubber caps that once covered them are now all long gone. These rubber caps in various sizes do the job really nicely and are available here

Works well for the rubber covers on the plenum catches, the originals for which were blue.

Note the use to neatly cover the tops of the SPAX suspension adjusters

In line FUEL FILTERS for carb TR8’s

The ones supplied from Rimmers have an olive adapter to fit the original carb system but the inlet is very small so these are a great alternative.

One on the Right is the original style with a much smaller hole

plus you can easily see the state of the fuel. Available here

Clear see through which is a great improvement

You need to do a small mod by using a small piece of copper pipe fitted to the original carb olive connection as shown here. That then means you have rubber fuel pipe at either side of the filter and thus no need for an olive connection anymore.

Note the copper pipe going to the carb olive connection thus converting both ends to pipe

The pipe I used can be obtained here

And the fuel pipe if you need it

And the correct curved fuel clips