What is the current TR8 PRICE/VALUE?

Last Update 8/03/23

TR8 Price – “a TR8 is only worth what someone will pay” and or “what price an insurance write off replacement TR8”

Both are correct in their own way, but they are not always the same price!

With the TR8 being the rarest of all the TR’s, even more so than the TR5, values have been very difficult to define and have often been held back by association with its sibling the TR7 which still remains a very low cost classic car to buy. The TR8 in the USA and Canada where the majority were sold, 2750 of them to be as exact as we can be, has in the last few years, seen the price for a good condition original TR8 with original, fittings, interior (velour), carburettors and or EFi system, rapidly rise to an average of 18/25k USD.

Average selling price for a 1980 and a 1981 TR8. Note the 1980 is below 15k and the 1981 is above. The red TR7 got mixed in somehow so I removed its black dot to avoid confusion.

Bring a Trailer is car sales web site used a lot in the USA and you can find it HERE

The web site has enough sales of TR8’s on it to see a value trend, and to see the later 81 TR8’s sell for more. However on closer inspection of individual TR8’s 95% listed on the site, many no longer have original interiors, carb or EFi systems and or other original parts. In the USA many have modified engines, and are a long way from the original TR8, while in the UK and rest of the world the tendency is to keep the cars as original as possible. This presents an issue for a UK or other country TR8 owner outside the USA/CAN if his car is written off. There are only a tiny handful in the UK, Europe and other countries, so very few available to get a replacement from. That will require in most cases for the owner to buy a replacement from the USA.CAN. To find one like for like with a good original interior and everything as it should be, is going to cost a lot more and be much harder to find. The velour interior which comes in either Tan or Blue is now about as rare as rocking horse poo. A  complete NOS set including door panels and carpet is currently on sale for 5kUKP!!!!! On top of that he will have to pay shipping back from the USA/CAN and any taxes etc due, so around another 5k on the price..

TR8 with original blue velour interior and fittings as most UK located TR8’s are, and owners prefer


NEWS: March 2023 a non original TR8 in not great condition, sold for 27k USD which supports the trend of values rising quite quickly now.

TR8 Price - non original TR8 sold for 27k USD

TR8 Price – Feb 2023 non original TR8 sold for 27k USD

In 2020 the TR8 below, a totally mint as brand “NEW” unregistered TR8, sold for 45k USD and is now apparently in a private collection in South America

Generally the average for a decent original TR8 with factory, fittings, interior (velour), carburettors and or EFi system, rapidly rise to an average of 18/25k USD and rising so now is the time to buy!

So for the LHD TR8, values generally fall into four camps,

1 Those needing a full restoration and or significant work for which you can expect to pay 5 -10k USD

2 Those on the road with average miles perhaps needing some TLC around 17 – 20k USD

3 Those perhaps original with average to low miles needing no to little work depending on condition 22 – 30k USD

4 Those still original with low miles AS NEW CONDITION 38 – 45k plus USD

NOTE: As TR8’s were only officially sold in the USA and Canada many European owners have imported LHD cars back to their home country as that is their only means of obtaining one. Because of that if that imported car should get written off in an accident, to get a replacement you would in most cases have to go to the USA or Canada to get a new one, so an extra 5k USD would need to be added to the value to cover shipping back and taxes etc.

NOTE: The very last 1981 TR8’s seem to have around a 20% increase over the earlier cars and are generally in much better condition, largely because many were bought as investments at the end of production. Late 1981 cars mostly have a chassis number starting SAT and wear an enamel nose badge instead of the large TR8 decal in the same position plus other rarer velour trim differences.

NOTE: The early FHC coupe TR8’s only number around 350 in total, so price is hard to determine as BAT doesn’t appear to have any listed, but expect them to be similar to the 1980 cars

The very first FHC TR8 ACN 1. One of a batch of around 150 cars in 77/78


NEWS: March 2023 a UK spec RHD TR8 sold at 45k UKP.

Are extremely rare with only 22 having been built. See RHD TR8 page for more information HERE

All 22 RHD TR8’s are listed here with their chassis numbers. If it isn’t on this list it isn’t full stop.

Chassis number is the key to RHD TR8’s as with any other car. If it doesn’t have the correct number it isn’t.

RED designates TR8 chassis identifier and RHD. Chassis number doesn’t lie, owners may, beware!

1: Make of car T = Triumph
2: Model range: P = TR7/8
3. Specification: A = UK or Europe
K = Australia
V = U.S.A., Federal (49 states)
Z = U.S.A., California
L = Canada
J = Japan
4. Type of body: E = Coupe
D = Convertible
5. Type of engine: J = 2 litre (TR7)
V = 3.5 litre V8 (TR8)
6. Steering, Gear box: 3 = RHD. Automatic
4 = LHD, Automatic
7 = RHD, Manual
8 = LHD, Manual
7. Model year change: A = 1980 Model Year
8. Assembly plant: T = Canley A = Solihull
9. Number 6 digits


One low mileage totally original example has recently sold for 45k UKP March 2023.

Rare RHD TR8

One RHD TR8 needing a full restoration sold at auction September 2021 for 28k UKP

So for the RHD TR8, values generally fall into four camps,

1 Those not running with very significant corrosion and damage, needing a full restoration or more likely a re-shell, for which you can expect to pay 8 – 15k UKP

2 Those running needing a full restoration and or significant work for which you can expect to pay 20 – 30k UKP

3 Those on the road with average miles perhaps needing some work and TLC around 30 – 38k UKP

4 Those still original or had a full nut and bolt restoration often with low miles needing no work 40 – 50k plus UKP

NOTE: There are a number of one of ones within the 22 RHD TR8’s such as one modified and tuned by BL Motorsport Abingdon by Tony Ponds 1980 rally team which may have additional interest from those interested in the motorsport side of things, only one automatic, one cavalry blue and one Aran beige. These RHD TR8’s may attract a premium over the others. Perhaps 10 – 20%

NOTE: There are 3 x EXP RHD TR8’s which you can expect to be around 10/20% less and a tiny handful of factory converted LHD to RHD TR8’s which will be around 20/30% less.

NOTE: Some cars were built up as replicas (Parts cars) and often have claims to being made by this engineer or that at Triumph in his coffee break etc. These cars are frequently made from genuine RHD TR8 parts, but they are not genuine factory cars so values can be expected to a be at around 30 to 40% lower depending on condition.

NOTE: Converted RHD TR7’s to V8 power, Grinnall’s and the like, are CONSIDERABLY well below the RHD TR8 values, perhaps as much as 50 to 65% lower depending on condition.

NOTE: Converted RHD TR7’s to V8 power are often confused by people unfamiliar with the factory TR8 as being the same. A good example of that is a 2023 insurance valuation guide from the TSSC in the UK – see below – with the values not those of a factory TR8 but of a converted TR7V8, further supported by the fact they have included Grinnall’s which are converted to V8 TR7’s with a body kit fitted. This is most definitely not correct for genuine factory TR8’s and it actually a better guide for converted TR7V8’s.