TR7V8-TR8 Rally Cars

TR7V8 – TR8 Rally Cars – There were quite a few works rally cars so I have attempted to show all of the ones I know of with associated wins – if you see one missing or a result I haven’t shown for a car please let me know. Many of the cars had number plates swapped about for example – on the last official rally for Triumph, TUD683T got a new registration number JJO931W, this was because FORD was entering brand new cars and Triumph didn’t have the money for new cars so they gave TUD683T a new registration number instead. This of course made everyone think Triumph were also entering with a new car but in actual fact it was the same old car. Because of this I have decided to show the various registration numbers as separate entries in the table below. Another interesting point is that often a number plate was simply put on another car for the duration of that race!

The history for these cars is often confusing and contradictory with often two or three cars existing today all claiming to be the same rally car. This section therefore is offered as a kind of straw man – feel free to knock it down if you can as by that action you will provide I hope the correct information or at least as close as can be got.

XJO414V 1980


1980 Tour of Cumbria Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 2nd
1980 Manx Stages Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 1st


1980 1000 Lakes Per Eklund/Hans Sylvan 3rd
1979 BP TV Rallysprint Per Eklund 1st


1979 ‘’TUD683Tperhaps the most successful and best handling TR7V8’’
1980 24 hrs Ypres 1st
1980 Manx Int Trophy 1st

TUD682T (This one has an actual ACN TR8 Chassis number)

1979 Scottish Per Eklund/Hans Sylvan 3rd


1979 Mintex International Per Eklund/Mike Broad 2nd


1979 Manx Int Trophy Graham Elsmore/Fred Gallagher 3rd


1979 Manx Int Trophy Terry Kaby/Tony McMahon 4th
1978 24 hrs of Ypres Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 1st
1978 Manx Int Trophy Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 1st


SCE645S 1977 (Safety Devices Car)

OOM514R 1979

Halewood Stages Graham Elsmore/Ian Scott 2nd
1979 Peter Russel Manuals Graham Elsmore/Fred Gallagher 1st



1979 Peter Russek Manuals Terry Kaby/Brian Rainbow 3rd
1979 Halewood Stages Terry Kaby/Brian Rainbow 1st
1978 Border Counties Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 4th
1978 Texaco TV Rally/Sprint Tony Pond 2nd
1978 Wyedean National Graham Elsmore/Stuart Harrold 2nd
1978 Granite City Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 1st
1977 Manx Int Trophy Brian Culcheth/Johnstone Syer 2nd

OOE938R 1977

Mintex International Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 3rd
1977 Tour of Elba Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 3rd
1977 Scottish Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 2nd



1977 Boucles de Spa Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 1st
1976 Manx Int Trophy Tony Pond/Dave Richards 3rd
1976 Castrol National Tony Pond/Dave Richards 3rd
1976 Raylor National Tony Pond/Dave Richards 1st


1977 Mille Pistes Brian Culcheth/Johnstone Syer 4th


1980 Lombard RAC Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 7th


1980 Daily Mirror TV Rallysprint Per Eklund 2nd


1980 Scottish Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher 4th
1980 Eaton Yale TV Rallysprint Tony Pond 1st

? 1979 SCCA Championship John Buffum Champion
? 1978 SCCA Championship John Buffum Champion
? 1977 SCCA Championship John Buffum Champion

The TR7 Rally Car Information Sheet