V8 Gathering 2024

TR “V8 Gathering”

The main emphasis when talking about V8 engine TR’s is pretty much always the Factory TR8, but as they were built in such small numbers, 2750 LHD and 22 RHD they are far from the full and complete story which continued well after the Factory gave up.

Carb Stromberg’s

EFi Bosch/Lucas

While the TR8 Day has been going for a number of years we felt it more than about time to celebrate all V8 engine TR’s!

Factory TR8’s LHD

Factory TR8’s RHD


Built at around the factory TR8’s

Recreation TR8’s

Del Lines TR8’s

S&S Preparations TR7V8’s/TR8


Home built TR7V8’s

Other company built V8 TR’s

To that end we will be having a separate “V8 Gathering area” at the TR Register INTER-CLUB INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND 28 – 30 June 2024.

This is and so owners can celebrate and view all the many and varied versions of the V8 TR! It would be nice to hit over a 100 V8’s attending and that for now is the target plus we will be getting various people connected with the V8’s extended journey to turn up at the V8 Gathering. I look forward to seeing the many and varied V8 TR’s. Updated information will be available here https://www.triumphtr8.com/v8-gathering-2024/ as it become available. Questions ideas, offers of help over the weekend etc please email me at Richard@triumphtr8.com