FHC TR8 (ACN) 1977


The FHC TR8 versions are the rarest with around 150  ACN designated – 1977 – 1979. These were the early trial cars with most leaving the factory with no markings at all. As they were the first they were also used for development and experimentation with this one number 12 retained in the UK having SPRINT badges on the side, V8 on the boot (trunk) and TR7 sprint on the nose. Badging initially designated this FHC TR8 as TR7V8 but other FHC TR8’s were badged TR8. After JRT Leonna had finished the trail period with the first batch of ACN FHC TR8 cars they were sold of to private buyers.



RED designates FHC TR8 chassis identifier. Chassis number doesn’t lie, owners may beware!

TR8 FHC – prefix (ACN)

1: Assembly: A = Speake
2: Model range: C = TR7/8
3: Specification: N = TR8 FHC
4: Number 012345 etc = number in series
5: Suffix: U = North American
6: Suffix: F = 5 speed gearbox
7: Suffix: A = Automatic gearbox
8: Suffix L = the other left-hand drive cars
9: Suffix: C = exhaust control is fitted
10:Suffix: M = Canadian specification

ACN 00001 to 00116 (Not all the numbers in this series were used)

ACN 01001 to 01200 (Not all numbers in this series were used and 01200 may not be the uppermost number used)

Note Approximately 150 FHC TR8 cars were built Feb – Oct 1977.