LHD European spec / Personal Export Derivative TR8 LOC238X

LOC238X, this particular TR8 was one of 39 LHD European spec / Personal Export Derivatives (PED) registered in the UK and then driven across to mainland Europe and delivered to USA/CAN Forces/Diplomats overseas. In particular a female Lt Col USAF in Europe, Germany to be specific The main difference being no cats and this car left the factory running on leaded fuel. The car still retains its original factory UK registration of LOC238X.

V8 EFi engine

Make Triumph

Model TR8

Engine 3528cc, V8

Power 166bhp @ 5040rpm @ the wheels

Torque 198lb ft @ 3400rpm

Top speed 130mph

0-60mph 8.1 seconds

Consumption 25mpg

Gearbox Five-speed manual

Heritage proof of genuine factory LHD Efi TR8

Total TR8’s built is 2750 approximately, all are LHD for the USA and Canada, less for just 22 RHD pre production TR8’s. That makes the TR8 the rarest TR!

Original build record showing the car as PED spec

Original export DVLA form showing first registration to LOC238X before the car was delivered to its first owner stationed in Germany

When LOC238X First Arrived With Me In December 2000 It’s Mileage Was 52,211

LOC238X is one of the very last built having the model year 82 dash and velour trim instead of the check trim on earlier cars. It is also has Bosch/Lucas Efi. Power for the later Efi cars was 148bhp with earlier Stromberg carb-based cars around 135bhp. This TR8 was not taken back to the USA when its forces owner returned home, but was instead sold to a new owner in Holland where the car remained for a number of years. Then early 90’s its Dutch owner brought it across to the UK for a holiday and its gearbox had a fatal breakdown. It was stored by S&S Preparations who restore 7/8’s while the owner decided what to do. In the end he couldn’t be bothered with it, so did a deal and it was left with them to cover storage costs over the few years it was there etc.

Old video footage from 2000 showing much of the restoration of LOC238X.

When I came across the car it was in a very poor state of repair.

Pretty much LOC238X needed a full body restoration, so that was what was done by S&S Preparations over the next year or so.

Many of the outer panels were changed for either complete new panels or repair sections depending on the amount of corrosion found.

Repainted in its original Silver Leaf paint.

Interior back in and a new hood fitted

LOC238X was completed and back on the road July 2002

LOC238X competed in the TR Register Concours in July 2002 winning best TR7/8.

LOC238X competed in the TR Register MASTERS Concours in July 2003. It was an honour to compete against the best of the best.

We did a TR8 ADVERT of sorts with LOC238X on the North Yorkshire Moors in 2003. Video below.

In early 2004 I finally found a very expensive entire blue velour NOS interior and the car trim was upgraded – rocking horse poo would have been easier to find essentially!

The addition of a piggyback ecu and modern ignition system June 2004 helped to improve the cars driveability and performance to 166bhp at the wheels from around 148bhp at the fly wheel standard (approximately 125/130 ish at wheels – see rolling road chart below). Not a massive difference, at around 30bhp but certainly helped with fuel economy and general drivability.



Minor update repairs mostly because of issues with seams December 2010

LOC238X June 2021 It’s Mile/kilometre Was 000243 km (The first speedo was dead when we got the car, so we replaced that with a new mph speedo at zero miles for about 13k miles, but that also eventually died as well. At this point difficult parts supply for late model speedos, meant we had to change to a kph speedo) So total miles to this point is the km plus 65k miles.

Minor update repairs rust coming through in some areas October 2021


More modern stereo sat nav system installed in late 2021.

Very rare velour interior almost impossible to find now. Rocking horse poo would be easier to find!

LOC238X June 2023 It’s Mileage/Kilometres Was 003074 km (So total miles to this point is the km plus 65k miles = 66,910)

In the interests of holding less different spares for my TR8’s (both now use exactly the same pads and discs) plus a significant improvement in braking, we upgraded LOC238X to the Lockheed 4 pot vented disc system exactly the same as fitted to my TR8 NWK988W by BL Motorsport in 1980. Upgrade was done Jan/Feb 2023.

Comparison of new vented disc vs original rusty one.

New callipers and vented discs fitted along with new flexi hoses as well